Monday, May 25, 2009

She Still Calls Me Daddy

She Still Calls Me Daddy
By- Robert Wolgemuth
Author of the Best-Selling Book SHE CALLS ME DADDY

If you are a father (actually it doesn't matter whether you are a father or mother), you know how difficult it is to anticipate your daughter growing up and leaving the immediate family unit.

It is even more difficult when the time finally arrives for her to walk down the isle and take the hand of a virtual stranger. You may feel you are losing her forever.

This book gives a father/parent the tools to cope with the inevitable feelings of loss and shows one how to go about the blending of two families--the one she is leaving and the one she is forming.

Families need not feel torn apart by marriages. As a father, with experience along these lines, the author gives positive steps toward acceptance and suggests ways that fathers can go through the process of "giving away" one's daughter and growing into solid extended relationships.

We all know that adjustments, for all parties, is tricky business, but when you read this book and take the steps suggested by Robert Wolgemuth, you will have the means and grace by which to travel the prickly path.

You will no doubt find this Christian book comforting and inspirational.

The author has written many other books, including "She Calls Me Daddy."


Patty said...

You know the old saying, a Daughter is a Daughter all of her life, A Son is a Son till he takes a wife.

Barbara said...

Patty- Yes, I've heard that.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

What Patty says;

Is the gospel truth!!

Barbara said...

Carol- Thanks!

Star said...

I agree with Patty on this. It is so hard when a son gets married. They see more of the wife's family than of their own.
Blessings, Star

Barbara said...

Star- Thanks!

Sassy Granny ... said...

My father has long since been gone from my life, having died when I was only 16. Even so, he embodies all that is good, and warm, and precious about a Daddy ... my Daddy!

Be blessed,

Barbara said...

Kathleen- It sounds like you had a wonderful dad.

Pat's Place said...

Sounds like a timely book for Father's Day?

Barbara said...

Pat- That's a very good point you make.