Thursday, September 24, 2009

After the Ball / Review

Author: Barb Greenberg
Publisher: Rose Path Press
107 Pages

My Review:

After the Ball is an inspirational book for single, married, widowed, or divorced women. In a short story, fairy tale format, Cinderella and Snow White tell their stories--the stories of two women who thought they had married their own Prince Charmings, but later are disappointed in their choice of men. The two friends decide to take their sadness to a woman of wisdom, Annetta, who lives in the woods. Before the two guests leave her enchanted house, Annetta gives them the gift of peace and wholeness.

After the Ball is a beautiful book about loss, difficult choices, support systems, and discovery of self. Can a princess find true happiness? This is a gorgeous gift book that I highly recommend.
(Thank you to the author for my review copy.)


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I think I'd love to read that! So, I'll be hunting for it! Thanks for the tip.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sounds like a great book!

*Mirage* said...

Oh! :( That doesn't sound good at all! Sounds very depressing!

Anonymous said...

After the Ball: A Woman's Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After is very inspiring and hopeful and not at all depressing. It is a beautiful book, with lovely classic art images on the cover and inside the book.

The book conveys a positive message about how women can create a "happily ever after" life, even when things do not go as they had originally planned. The fact is that 50% of marriages end in divorce in this country and women need to heal from the grief and loss that comes with that experience. But the message in the book is really for all women, because the truth is that we have to find "happily ever after" within our own selves and not expect someone else to give it to us.

Many women are resonating with the message in the book and have written rave reviews (you can view those reviews on the publisher's web site.) After the Ball is packaged as a small, hardcover gift book and will be distributed through gift stores. It can also be purchased online at the publisher's web site at

Barbara said...

Anonymous- Thank you for the comment and the website.

Barbara said...

Sandy and CCDaydreams- Glad you like the review.

Barbara said...

MIrage- It's a very beautiful book and speaks to many women.

Let me know when you receive your cookbook. It's on it's way.