Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Men Hate Going to Church

Author: David Murrow
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishing

My thoughts:

Why is it when we look around us in many churches, we see women, children, and elderly persons, for the most part? Since I have wondered this, myself, many times, it is good to see someone make an attempt at answering the puzzle. David Murrow in “Why Men Hate Going to Church” asks this important question, “What is it about modern Christianity that is driving men away?" What is it that men need from their church leaders and the church environment? What are the outreach methods that pastors, perhaps, are missing? While many churches are going strong and are filled with fathers and husband, sons and brothers, in many churches seats go unfilled by the men of a community. “Why Men Hate Going to Church” contains chapters like: Who Are the Missing Men; Men and Contemporary Worship; Twelve Things Men Fear About Church; How Churches Feminize Over Time; How Churches Drive Boys Away From the Faith; Why Megachurches Are Mega; Teaching and Men; What About Women; How Men Minister to Others; and many more interesting chapters. This is an important book for anyone who would minister to men, especially. I highly recommend it as food for thought. (Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing for my free review copy.)

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