Friday, October 16, 2009

Ansel Adams in Color

By: Andrea G. Stillman
Hardcover: 168 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company;
Revised edition (October 21, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316056413

My Review:

The photography of Ansel Adams, photographer and environmentalist, has been enjoyed for years in black and white. His photographs of the American West, and Yosemite National Park are classics that will forever remain in the photographic archives of natural wonders. His creative genius is timeless and now can be enjoyed in stunning color images.

This book of color photographs is a marvelous and magic production. I found myself amazed at the beauty he captured. This is definitely a book that should be placed with joy on the coffee tables of America and the world. It is an absolute delight!

(Thank you to Hackette Book Group for my complementary review copy.)


suZen said...

Ansel Adams in COLOR? Are you serious? Wow. I might actually get that book! I went to an exhibit of his work at the Art Institute in Chicago. I was bored to tears. While his photography was nice, the lack of color simply didn't do it for me. I actually have some dynamite photo my father took on his old brownie camera of out west that are every bit as good as Adams work, in black and white. Were it not for who he knew back then (Georgia O'Keefe's husband) I doubt we'd ever had heard of him. Obviously I'm not a fan of his. Perhaps in color tho?

Barbara said...

suZen- What you say is very interesting. From what I've read, Ansel Adams wanted only his black and white photos to be sold, but now we have his color photos as well. I can appreciate the black and white, but color appeals to me more.

I wonder what other readers prefer?

Sunny said...

Ansel Adams in color, woweee! I have the book of Ansel Adams in black and white, author is Barry Pritzker and published by Cresent Books.

It has more than 80 photographs and everyone should have a Ansel Adams Book on their coffee table or in their bookcase. :)

Oh my let me see... that's just it! I can "see more" when the photo is in black and white. :)

I pay more attention to the actual subject in the photo when it's in black and white.

Sunny said...

Sorry about the typo! It's supposed to be: "Crescent" not Cresent.

Barbara said...

Sunny- I had never thought of that--that you could see more in black and white. Great concept!

Analisa said...

Love Ansel Adams and have one of his photos in my kitchen.

Barbara said...

Analisa- I didn't realize there were so many Ansel Adams fans until now!

Small Footprints said...

I love the work of Ansel Adams ... such a talented photographer.

Thanks you for sharing!

Small Footprints

Barbara said...

Small Footprints- So nice to hear from you! Blessings.