Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Is Coming Soon

Hello Friends!

Isn't it amazing that the holidays are just around the corner? Where did the year go? I've always heard that time passes faster when one gets older and that is exactly what I'm finding!

This morning I started thinking of Christmas gifts and how difficult it is to buy a gift for someone you love. There's always that disappointment thing in the back of my mind. Will this be right for them? Will they love it, or is it something I just think they would like? Gifting is always a challenge, isn't it? We so want to please!

That brings me to the question of what you are doing for Christmas. Did you start preparing early? When do you begin to shop? How do you solve the question of pleasing those on your gift list? What are some things you are doing this season (cutting back, giving homemade gifts, is your family drawing names, etc.)?

I would love to hear your comments.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I do prepare early. I shop year round. I usually prepare my Xmas letter and get the envelopes addressed in the first few weeks of November. I try to wrap and package any parcels being sent out of province by the beginning of December. I also begin decorating as soon as possible after Nov 11th. Note that I said I try these things.)

Then I can spend most of December focusing on enjoying the teas and sales and festivals without worrying and rushing. That's my game plan!

Barbara said...

Sandy- I like the idea of teas, sales, etc.!!!!

Linda said...

I haven't started thinking about Christmas yet--I'm in the Thanksgiving mood right now. I start to buy presents after Thanksgiving, too. It probably makes it more difficult, but people change their minds all the time about what the way, so I find it safer to buy closer to Christmas. :)

Linda said...

what they want, that is. :)

Pat's Place said...

I buy all year around and mark the gifts as I put them in a special closet for that purpose. I am also in the process of making some gifts--although the events of the past 5-6 weeks has really slowed me down. I carry needlework projects in the car and work on them when I have to wait, when my husband is driving, and when I go to meetings.

Mary said...

I buy a couple of gifts each for my 3 kids and one daughter in law. Hubby and I buy each other books *smile*. I bake several Christmas cookies and bars and then make up gift boxes of the assortment and give hubby's siblings and mother each a box. Usually a restaurant gift card to my parents (which they love). A small gift for my two closest friends (or a box of baked goods). So, nothing very extravagant but usually small things that are appreciated.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I have some ideas for kind of homemade this year. We gave each of our kids a quarter of a beef recently so their Christmas will be small. I do have some small things already. Am not thinking too much till after this weekend. Thats my rule for me.

Anonymous said...

well all of our family lives far away and we just send cards to everyone. To the nieces and nephews we sometimes send gift certificates and sometimes gifts, but I think this year will be leaner.
For my own kids and our friends, I try to start shopping in October. Seems when I shop earlier something happens (like the person buys something for themselves which is the exact thing I was waiting to give them at Christmas, LOL) So I figure Oct is not too early or too late.
For teachers and coaches, we usually get things that are edible like candy and tea and we have a shop in town with interesting ornaments and things, I shop there alot.
I tell my kids they can only ask Santa for 3 things, otherwise Santa might think they are greedy! He he

Barbara said...


Small Footprints said...

Well, we make most of our gifts so ... we've got to get started early. But it's so much fun that we really don't mind. In past years we've put together boxes containing ingredients to a favorite recipe, our own cookbook, aceo paintings and special book marks made from our photographs. We also included earrings (I make them out of recycled jewelry) and handmade perfume & after shave. It was fun ... and everyone seemed to enjoy their boxes.

By the way ... I'm hosting a Winter Shopping Extravaganza on Reduce Footprints. It's a way to support online shops and find some unique gifts. Here's the direct link if you'd like to join in the fun:

Take Care!

Small Footprints