Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Poetry Book Giveaway

Spring is here and it's time for a giveaway! The Serenity Gate is giving away one brand new copy of "The Bouquet" by A Lady. If you love gardens and gardening you will love this beautiful book of poetry, featuring the hidden language of flowers. Our giveaway will take place on June 1st, so be sure to enter. It's easy! Enter now!!

Easy rules:
1. Must be a follower of The Serenity Room or Everything Victorian and More.
2. Must leave a comment telling us about your favorite flower and leaving your email address

Book Description:

A beautiful collection of 117 flower meanings, each accompanied by poems, that will inspire you in your garden. The crocus, lily, rose, jasmine, geranium, daisy, and many more are included in this beautiful book. It would be a wonderful addition to your library or an excellent gift. If you enjoy flowers and gardening, you will delight in the language of flowers revealed in, The Bouquet. This is an all new edition of the book published in 1844. It is not a photocopy or OCR. It has been meticulously edited and reformatted to meet modern standards.

My Review:
I received my book today and I'm thrilled with all the beautiful poetry relating to flowers! Did you know that once there were secret meanings connected to various flowers and that family, friends, and lovers understood those meanings? I've read many times about the Gilly Flower in Victorian literature, but didn't know it means "bonds of affection." To understand those non-verbal expressions is one thing that makes this book so beautifully intriguing.  It not only unlocks those secrets, but also acquaints us with the poetry surrounding it.  Reading "historical romance" will never be the same with this helpful book on my nightstand.

With the onset of Spring, what perfect timing for the entrance of this new edition of the first copy published in 1844. THE BOUQUET would make the perfect gift or addition to any gardener's library. And again, don't forget how helpful it is to understanding the floral aspects of Victorian literature. What a treat!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway and good luck to all!!


Dana said...

What a lovely book! Choosing a favorite flower is like choosing a favorite book - almost impossible. One of my faves though, is the sunflower. They are so cheerful, and overcome all obstacles to grow. I plant them every year. I'm a new follower.

Donna said...

Following The Serenity Gate. Favorite flower is the Althea Rosea (pale pink). Also daylilies.

Anonymous said...

The first flower that caught my avid attention was the mini carnation - I found them so interesting, looking at all the petals. They also lasted a long time, and were strong enough to be touched frequently.

I do also enjoy white daisies - they just make me smile!

My favourite flower now is the rose; and of all the roses, my very favourite is the purple rose. (soft, light, purple in colour). Unfortunately, they are not very common in flower shops. They are also very fragile, and do not like to be touched - even an ever so gentle a touch, can shorten their life span. But, they are beautiful!!

I am fortunate that my husband, very frequently, buys me flowers. Most often, he buys roses, but then again can surprise me with another flower. Right now I have a beautiful, dark purple, bouquet of Alstromeria in our living room.

Many years ago I heard yellow roses are a sign of infidelity; and calla lilies a sign of death. I never did come to like either one......!

Thank you for this opportunity to win, what sounds like both a fascinating and a delightful book.

May you have a fragrant day!!

Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a GREAT book!
Now.... what flower to choose from.... there are millions! But to choose just one it would be a Violet (you know the cute little purple ones people think are weeds in your yard?) They have ALWAYS caught my eye and smell so sweet.
I am a new follower.

laura reznicek said...

Ha Ha Ha! Barb the anonymous person was me Ann Reznicek (Laura) with the violet flowers;)

Ipswich Garden Club- P. Jones said...

I Love to arrange my garden flowers. I agree that it is impossible to choose a flower... but my favorite is the forget-met-not. Right now it is all over my garden and i have even given and planted small plants in my neighbors yards.
Found a link to your blog at Garden Author... Corliss Brothers, Ipswich, MA