Monday, May 2, 2011

Once In A Lifetime Dog

Author: Chantelle Hildreth
Paperback: 318 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press
(November 26, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1432754599

Book Description:

For anyone who has ever loved, and lost, a dog.

Once In A Lifetime Dog, My Borisangel, is the true, heartwarming story of Chantelle Hildreth's journey into adulthood with her dog, Boris, a massive, elegant white beast with more personality, grace and charm than most people you'll ever meet. He was her companion, best friend and, at her side, every step of the way. Boris was Chantelle's study partner through the rigors of law school, her backbone in her first teaching position, the inspiration for the purchase of her first home, the first child of her marriage and an infallible source of comfort and strength through the trials of her pregnancy.

Boris was all-things good. He was the embodiment of love, friendship, happiness and hope. He was gentle and kind, but strong. Boris possessed the keen ability to know a person's true character. He was her protector always, even when she did not think she needed it. And, he was always right.

Once In A Lifetime Dog, My Borisangel, is a true story of unconditional love, the heartache of loss and the astonishing and uncanny ability of the special animals in our lives to teach some of the most profound life lessons.

It is a love story. A story of how much a dog loved his owner and just how much she loved him, a love that changed her forever.

Boris stood by the one he loved, so in the end, when he left her, she could stand-alone.

For anyone who has ever had that one special dog, this touching story will rekindle both the joy and the heartache we experienced and take us back to the unconditional love we felt for that ever so special friend, the one who truly was, a once in a lifetime dog.

My thoughts:
If you have ever loved a dog, you will love this true story. It will touch the heart--a story of unconditional love and loyality, friendship and heartache, loss and hope. It is a story that gave me some sadness and much joy. Highly recommended.

(thank you to the author for my review copy)

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Savannah Rose said...

Thank you for posting this. I have just got to get a copy and read it. My little Shih-Tzu sleeps in the bed with my husband and I every single night. He knows when I'm sick and needs comforting. I couldn't imagine my life without my little Caesar.