Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recipe For Stress Relief

A few suggestions for stress relief:

1. Sit quietly alone
2. Listen to soft music
3. Have a cup of hot tea while enjoying a great book.
4. Light a candle
5. Read poetry
6. Watch a romantic movie on DVD
7. Nap in the afternoon beneath a down comforter
8. Record your thoughts in a beautiful journal
9. Pray/Meditate
10. Write a love letter...
11. Write a love letter to yourself
12. Color in a child's coloring book
13. Eliminate one unnecessary thing from your life
14. Cuddle with a kitty or stuffed animal
15. Start a gratitude journal
16. Make peace with a loved one / practice forgiveness
17. Learn to say "no"
18. Hug a child
19. Find your inner-child and help her express her true self
20. Take a long scented bubble bath surrounded by a multitude of candles
21. Make a habit of reading the Book of Psalms
22. Give yourself permission to enjoy each day
23. Remember that relationships are more important than opinions
24. Learn to say "I'm sorry"
25. Say "I Love You" often and mean it.

God Bless.

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