Thursday, May 29, 2008

Serenity Room (Photo Below)

I have finally gotten around to posting a photo of my Serenity Room on this page. I began talking about it last month and many of you have probably imagined it, so I think it's appropriate that you see the room firsthand. Although, you can not experience, in person, the soft music, the fresh flowers, the smell of the scented candles, and the many personal items scattered around the room, you may begin to understand why I love going there several times each day to renew my spirit. The room has become a retreat for me.

My Serenity Room continues to help me maintain and strengthen spiritual, emotional, and physical health. I believe, so strongly, that every woman should have a sacred space of her own and I have set out to be an advocate for the concept. I hope you can find a space, whether small or large, in your home for your own retreat.

Please feel free to share your experiences with me under "comments" as you move forward on your own life-journey.

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