Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shoestring Living

The "little things" make life enjoyable and interesting. A good book, a bouquet of flowers, a small plant in a colorful pot, the taste of chocolate, a nice wine, a scented candle, our favorite pillow, all give joy and add to the delight of living.

I've found it doesn't take a great deal of money to live pleasant, graceful lives. With all of the discount stores available today, our personal lives can be just as nice as that of the millionaire who shops at high-end boutiques.

My daughters and I frequently shop at Ross, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Costco, and Grocery Outlet. If you like searching out bargains, there are many treasures to be found at stores like these.

I have found wonderful candles and decorative boxes at Ross, along with very nice sheet sets for the bedroom. Costco usually carries some of the nicest sheet sets at less than half the price you would pay at high-end stores. I have found good wine, fine chocolate and imported cheeses at Grocery Outlet. I buy fresh stemmed flowers from a little wholesale florist a couple of miles from my home. Last month, I bought 24 carnations for $4.00 plus tax.

The web offers wonderful deals on just about anything you are looking for and shopping is usually quick and safe. I have found gorgeous shoes for less than half-price, new books at yard-sale prices, the softest comforters at a fraction of their retail price, and delicious wines, cakes and confections.

I live in the Northwest, so you who live in other parts of the country will have your own favorite stores.. different from mine. If you take a little time to do some treasure hunting, you can live in grand style on a modest income.

"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." -Sir Thomas Browne

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