Saturday, June 7, 2008

Favorite Dog

I just voted for my favorite dog breed over the Internet. Someone wanted to buy a dog and asked readers to suggest the perfect breed (if that exists).

I've had many dogs over my lifetime...from Irish Wolfhounds to German Shepards and while they were all great dogs, my favorite has been my miniature schnauzer, Sgt. Riley (picture below). I call him "my little boy in a dog suit." He is highly intelligent (very human-like), loving, loyal, extremely sensitive, athletic (LOVES to play ball and run in our fenced backyard), doesn't shed at all, doesn't smell if I keep him bathed and groomed, loves children and family members, likes to travel and is eager to please me. He sleeps at my feet every night and is now laying beside me as I write this. He is my constant companion and joy.

I am a devotee of the breed and will probably adopt a female as time and my budget allow.

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