Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Natural Cycle

The old oak has fallen;
sustainer of life,
genetrix of comfort,
overseer of it's kind.
She grew round with age;
wisdom was contained
within the folds of her growth;
flawed, imperfect
from pounding winds;
handsome in character and integrity.
The late one cannot be reclaimed.
Another, a seedling, will take her place.
The order of life is complete.

Copyright 2008 By- Barbara J. Davis


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying this blog!!!!!!!

Barbara J. Davis said...

WFL, I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying my blog. Please come back often!!!

Barbara J. Davis said...

A couple of nights ago an especially strong wind came up as I was falling asleep (the best time for inspiration). As I lay there I began to think of the big old tree outside my window and what if it should fall on the house? I had also been thinking of where I am in life with children (I have six) leaving home and having families of their own. I sit up, took my notebook off of the nightstand and began to write. This poem is about the woman, like myself, who is coming into the winter of her life.
Feel free to leave your own comments about life, etc.