Monday, June 9, 2008

The Finished Spirit

Where is the wise man,
The rabbi,
The sage,
The prophet,
The Finished Spirit?
Sitting in the higher abode
In the full brilliance
Of God;
Another Kingdom,
Where knowledge
And inspiration
Continue the unbroken thread;
Reaching beyond
The zenith
To the fullness
Of the cosmos.
To understand;
To fathom the totality
Of Creation
Is their reward.

Copyright 2008 By Barbara J. Davis


Lydia said...

Hello. I popped over after reading your comments at Write Your Life blog. I love the name and concept of your blog; quite beautiful. Very good poem, too!

marilyn said...

Hello Barbara,

I like "The Finished Spirit".

It's okay with me if you link to my blog. I subscribed to the blogs from the Story Circle Network via Becca rss feed on google reader.

I've also added a link to The Serenity Room on the blogroll on my blog.


Barbara J. Davis said...

Lydia-Thanks so much for your comments. Come back soon. Barbara

Barbara J. Davis said...

Thank you for the comment. Also, thanks a million for adding me to your blogroll. Barbara