Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Forever Gift

I read somewhere that a writer is almost always a reader and that those who read are compelled to write. I know that's true in my own life. I have always been "in love" with books...they are a large part of my life. And I've always been a writer--mostly private-- until I produced this blog. Since books are so important to me, it is only natural that I want those around me to experience the joy and inspiration they can bring into our lives.

Now getting to the point of this post. I'm suggesting to each one who reads this entry that we give at least one book as a gift this Christmas and that we give at least one book each month, throughout the year, to someone we care about.

A couple of years ago I ordered, from Amazon, inspirational books for women in our county jail. I DID NOT send novels. The books I donated were all non-fiction, easy to read Bibles, and self-help types (Joyce Meyers, Beth Moore, etc).

After being released, a young lady came to my door. She gave me a big hug, cried, and thanked me for a Bible (called The Book) that I had sent to her while she was incarcerated and told me how it and the other books had changed her life. That's a special moment I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Books are "forever" gifts. Once read, they become like an old friend and companion. They have taken us to places we only dream about or inspired us to reach for the higher calling inside ourselves. Each book touches us in some way and becomes a part of our lives forever.

*** Which book will you give this Christmas?


Pat's Place said...

What a great gift-giving idea. I am giving books for Christmas, but never thought about the kind I give. I try to tailor the book to the person.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Already got a nice variety picked out, and several bookstore gift cards.

Anonymous said...

What a great testimony, Barbara. I would have never thought to give a book to someone in jail. I see that I'm so wrapped up in my own family, that I sometimes don't see that there are others in the world hurting.

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

Willa Fae said...

As a recipent of a book from you, I
know you put thought into each one. I remember you telling me the
story of the lady from the jail coming and thanking you for the books you sent. If each person could send 1 book in a year to a prison, it could also change another life. We never know what act of kindness will make a difference!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Had not thought about books this Christmas except for the Empty Books that I made to daughters in law and an older grandaughter. They all get books for their birth-days though. They always know what they are getting. Bible stories are always a favorite with any of them.

ChristaCarol said...

I am giving my step father a $25 gift card to BN for his birthday (Christmas Eve) and a book he requested for Christmas (I explained to everyone I was buying them one book and to give me a list of what they'd like), a mystery romance thriller for my mom, a non-fiction how to write a short story script for my husband, an Edgar Cayce one for me, 2 copies of Adrienne Kress' [i]Alex and the Ironic Gentleman[/i] (one for me and one for the ten year old next door), and a few books for my three year old. I've done my share :) And I'm hoping to keep buying at least one every month.

Linda said...

I'm with Marilyn. This was a wonderful post that made me think as well. I like the idea of giving a book a month. Thank you for the idea, Barbara.

Janna Qualman said...

So touching! And what an amazing idea, Barbara.

I'm giving a few books this year. My brother-in-law is getting a trivia book, my nephew is getting a three-in-one Hardy Boys hardback (he doesn't like reading and we're trying to encourage him with something he may end up liking!), and I'm giving my sister-in-law a beautiful little book with inspirational thoughts from the Psalms.