Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can I Skate?

Well, now I think I must be losing my mind-- I've been thinking of learning to roller skate!! I tried once when I was in grammar school, but fell down immediately and twisted my wrist. I can still feel how surprised I was at falling down...splat! I managed somehow to get up off my bottom and that was the last time I tried that sport. My protective mother placed my arm in a home-made sling for a few days and that was that. I should have been encouraged to try it again the moment my wrist healed. Perhaps, I would have been successful the second time around.

I loved taking my children skating on weekends when they were young, and I was so proud when they perfected that unbelievable skill...unbelievable to me, since I had such a dismal experience with my first attempt. I would smile from ear to ear as they sailed past me on that shiny, hardwood floor, beaming and waving, as they rounded the corners with lightning speed, making it seem so simple. How could I have been such a klutz years ago? I bet most of my readers know how to skate....but NOT ME!

I know I would enjoy the feeling of speed that skating offers, and the background music that would bring joy to my adventuresome soul. It would be like dancing and flying, combined with a sense of freedom...I think. Now... do I have the nerve to risk life and limb at this stage of my life? Or... even if I have the nerve, do I want to take the chance of being "laid up" for no telling how long if I should happen to break something really important? I'll have to give that A GREAT DEAL OF THOUGHT. What do you think?


Linda Reznicek said...

I'd do it, if I were you. In fact, I'm going to get my rollerblades out and head to the Centennial Trail over here by us. I prefer rollerskating to blading, but blading became the rage a while back and I took it up. I used to have a custom set of roller skates--I took a great pair of shoes with good ankle support--to the Roll-a-way and had them put some high-end bearings and wheels on them--they FLEW. There's nothing like skating, but to be safe, you should wear pads and helmet and have two people go alongside and support you if possible. Stay in a very small area and skate back and forth from rail to rail until you get your confidence and balance.

Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

Wow, good ideas!! That gives me more confidence.

Patty H. said...

I can't skate either and have no desire to start now. lol! I've tried, when I was younger. I remember getting my elbow stuck between the wall and the railing becasue I was hugging the rail to keep from falling.
Enjoy yourself, give it a try.