Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Found Myself In The Wish List

This morning I finished reading "The Wish List" by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I purchased the book a few weeks ago on an impulse-- thinking it would be a fun and relaxing read. With highlighter in hand, I started pouring over each idea--all 6,000 of them, one at a time. As I read, I checked the item I wished for and added a double check to the ones that were realistic--those I would attempt to accomplish. If I had already "been there, done that" I highlighted the complete entry.

Now as I look back over the entire book, with all of my checks and highlights, I begin to recognize a pattern of personality--aptitude, qualities, likes and dislikes, dreams and ambitions--the actual woman I am. I didn't intend to find this person throughout the pages of this simple book, but in the end I found a picture of myself.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the most unusual places.


Joanne said...

"Sometimes we find ourselves in the most unusual places." And what a pleasant surprise when we do! I enjoy reading books/articles that help you to know yourself just a little more!

Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

Joanne- Me too!!!