Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Phantom Revisited

A few years ago, I watched Phantom of the Opera on DVD and like most people, loved the beautiful songs. Since then I realized that my favorite actor, Gerard Butler, was the starring actor (I became a fan of his after seeing "P.S. I Love You"). So it's been my plan for the last month or so to watch the movie again and this time pay more attention to the actors and the plot, while still enjoying Andrew Lloyd Webber's classical opera hits.

I watched it alone Sunday evening in the Serenity Room and was mesmerized by Emmy Rossum's angelic singing and Butler's dark, yet romantic, portrayal of the Phantom. Together they created "magic" on the screen. I was not disappointed and will certainly watch it again in the future.

Note: I believe adults will enjoy the movie, although it may be a bit dark and complicated for pre-teens and young children.

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Pat's Place said...

Ummm! I love that opera! I should get that DVD!