Thursday, April 30, 2009

Merit Badges

If you could give yourself a Merit Badge for Excellence Award this week, which would it be:

1. Reading

2. Gardening

3. Friendship

4. Nurse

5. Home Interior

6. Patience

7. Motherhood

8. Hostess

9. Seamstress

10. Writing

11. Painting

12. Something else?

***Tell us why you should receive this award, then go ahead and award it to yourself. Draw it on a blank sheet of paper and hang it on your refrigerator.


Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm going to have to grab the "something else", and would probably relate it to cooking. Given Home Team potlucks, new babies (and meals for mom), and my own household meal prep, I'm thinking Chef might be it. Or maybe it's just Messy.



Star said...

Oh gardening, definitely. I have planted so many seeds and now I am waiting for the rain to come and water them in. I shan't have to wait much longer, I feel sure!!
Blessings, Star

Pat's Place said...

I am almost ready for an award in painting. I am doing a portrait of my granddaughter and finally got the eyes in to my satisfaction. Last week I was ready to cut up the canvas, but this week progress is being made. This has been HARD, but now it is beginning to really look like her!

Angie Ledbetter said...

I'll take a combo badge for numbers 4, 6 & 8, please. :)

TheWritersPorch said...

I'm for a combo like Angie!
1,2 & 3..............


Joanne said...

I'll pick Motherhood, because my daughter and I made a great Chicken Risotto supper together. We had fun making it, and definitely enjoyed eating it :)

Literary Nut said...

I don't know that I've excelled in anything itself, but I have been doing my best to tend my plants and to try and keep the yard watered, so that the new grass seed can grow. I've also been reading a bit more and have been able to finish two books! So I guess that all counts for a little something.

diane said...

I guess it might be 10. Not for my own writing but for trying to teach children with literacy difficulties how to write a narrative.

suZen said...

Boy, this is fun! Can I have a different selection each week? This week would be painting because I spent more time on that and for once I actually like what I've painted.