Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Question

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Today's question:
***How do you deal with difficult people? Do you ignore them, argue back, leave the room, listen patiently, or something else? What works best?


Janna Qualman said...

Honestly, I try my best to avoid them, when possible (if it's someone in my day-to-day life). But for someone random, in public for instance, I ignore or leave. Doesn't keep me from getting frustrated and ranting about it to someone else later, though... ;)

Patty said...

I listen patiently and keep my cool, this usually makes them become more relaxed and they seem to calm down. Getting upset only makes them more upset and more difficult.

JOY said...

I tend to avoid difficult people because I never seem to come up with the right words to smooth things out if I could help. I just plain don't like conflict because I was brought up in a family that had a difficiult time calmly discussing things. I have learned to slow down and look at all sides of an issue. So much better!

Joanne said...

I'm with Janna - I try my best to avoid them. I find that with difficult people, often nothing works as they manipulate any effort to keep things smooth, and so it doesn't go smoothly!

cherokeefox said...

If I know the person, I will usually listen patiently-then offer a little bit of input being careful not to try to solve their problems or keep them going on & on. If I don't know them, I will walk away.

Pat's Place said...

Difficult people, hmmmm! I usually avoid them if possible, but when left with no other choice, I try to REALLY listen to them and determine what is underlying what they are saying. Sometimes it helps immensely if I hear them out and then I understand where they are coming from. That helps! But arguing or confronting them DOES NOT change things at all.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

In answer to yesterdays question, aqua and rose pink are my favorits, but back to today, I really try to avoid them. But if I can't I really do try really hard to listen and then just let them talk. I don't like to argue. Bob's family did and it drove me nuts. Our family was quiet.

Michele said...

It rather depends on who the person is and what their relationship is with me... I think patience and trying not to react is the best course of action... and avoid if possible... It really depends on the situation... Sometimes trying look at the humor in a situation gets me through it as well.

Alice said...

I used to avoid them, but I found that these people are usually just needing to be heard, so now I'm more apt to listen to them and in doing so usually find something about the essence of them and often wind up with a new friend.