Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite Orange Things

Yesterday, I talked about my favorite red Fall things. Today I'm thinking orange......

1. An orange cashmere scarf

2. University of Tennessee sweatshirt

3. Orange buttercream frosting

4. An orange sky

5. Pumpkins

Can you think of some other orange favorites?


Wade, Janalyn, & Wookie said...

Orange is my favorite color. I think that is why I love fall and Halloween so much. I also love the smell and sound of fall. The crunch of the leaves as I walk and the smell of the crisp air. LOVE IT!!!

Christina said...

I couldn't think of anything other than candy-corns lol. I like this lil' poem though.

What is Orange?

Orange is a tiger lily,
A carrot,
A feather from
A parrot,
A flame,
The wildest color you can name.
Saying good-bye
In a sunset that
Shocks the sky .
Orange is brave
Orange is bold
It's bittersweet
And marigold.
Orange is zip
Orange is dash
The brightest stripe
In a Roman sash.
Orange is an orange
Also a mango.
Orange is the music
Of the tango.
Orange is the fur
Of the fiery fox,
The brightest crayon
In the box.
And in the fall
When the leaves are tuming
Orange is the smell
Of a bonfire burning.

Barbara said...

Janalyn- I completely agree!

Barbara said...

Christina- I LOVE THE POEM. And candy-corn is a good favorite.

Christina said...

More orange:

Halloween oreos
A 'blood' moon
A yam
orange arum lilies

Barbara said...

Christina- GREAT list!!!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Tangeloes, sweet potato pie and Orange Nehi! ;)

Pat's Place said...

I like your list, but make mine a burnt orange University of Texas sweatshirt--whenever we get cool enough temperatures to even think about sweatshirts!

Barbara said...

Angie- Sweet potato pie! I love it.

Barbara said...

Pat- Maybe some of our cool weather will come your way!

Melody said...

I have an orange fleece sweater that is loud and warm and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately it's too warm here in Pittsburgh right now. Hopefully we'll get a chill in the last few weeks of October so I can wear my orange with pride.

Melody Platz

Barbara said...

Melody- Your sweater sounds gorgeous. Our cool weather may be coming your way.

Small Footprints said...

Here's my addition to your list:

orange sherbet
a bright orange door on a Grey house
orange day lilies
the beautiful tree in our parking lot which is now in full orange color

BTW ... I'm so happy for baby Kendyl and your family ... today's new is great indeed!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Barbara said...

Footprints- I love your list!!

And thank you on behalf of Baby Kendyl Grace.