Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Prepared

With the current economy crisis, comes thoughts of saving and storing for an emergency. Many wise people have made this a part of their lives for years, so I thought I'd start a list of things that might be useful to stock in our homes and may even help us save a few extra dollars.

A few years ago, as I worked with the Emergency Preparedness Director of our county, and some other informed individuals, we came up with these recommendations. This is only a partial listing.

1. Rice
2. Dried beans
3. Lentils
4. Wheat
5. Vitamins
6. Canned Foods
7. Powered Milk
8. Koolaid instead of pop
9. Tang instead of orange juice
10. Instant coffee
11. Dried pasta
12. Vegetable oil
13. Canned meats
14. Peanut Butter
15. Jelly
16. Sugar
17. Box of salt / Pepper / Flour / Baking powder, etc.
18. Bottled water or a water purifier
19. Aspirin and other over-the-counter meds
20. Toilet paper
21. Paper towels
22. Toothpaste, soap, etc.
23. A jar of yeast for baking (watch the date on the label).
24. Hard candy (a bit of sugar helps in any crisis).

Note: Be sure to rotate these items. Replace as you eat or use.

Some other ideas:
1. Keep chickens if you have the room. Even a couple of little hens in a backyard cage will do.
2. Keep at least a cord of wood if you have a wood-burning fireplace.
3. Keep enough cash on hand to see you through a short-term emergency.
4. Keep one 5 gallon "jerry can" of gasoline on hand at all times.
5. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand.
6. Buy a first-aid kit
7. Learn to make bread and other homemade staples.
8. Invest in a wheat grinder.
9. Invest in a chain saw for cutting wood.
10. Keep at least two propane bottles, filled at all times, for emergency outdoor cooking.
12. Pass this posting on to everyone you know.

Well, I hope you don't think I'm some kind of kook, but that I'm a prepared citizen with some common sense.

What does all of this have to do with Serenity? When I feel that I can weather the unexpected "storms" I have more Peace of Mind.

Let us know what you do to prepare for an emergency. We love hearing from you AND you can possibly help others.


Janna Qualman said...

Not a kook at all; it's great to see a list form like this. Thanks! :)

Barbara said...

Janna- Thanks so much for your support of this plan.

Christina said...

Those are great recommendations Barbara. I would rather get a cow than the powdered milk. My dad was raised on it and didn't care for it too much lol.
Are you going to get some chickens? :)

Barbara said...

Christina- Powdered milk isn't bad at all when used in cooking (just add water, stir, and add to any milk based dish) one will know the difference (but a cow would be great, too!). Yes, we will get more chickens in the Spring. Our last old hen died this summer. She was a good ole girl, lived a very long life (for a chicken) and gave us MANY, MANY wonderful eggs. They are so much better than "store bought" eggs. Maybe you could Jim a chicken or two?
Great to hear from you and glad you like the list.

Christina said...

Barbara- I think my dad drank it straight.
We have a really small yard and the dogs take up alot of room. I don't think we're allowed chickens on base anyways. :(

Barbara said...

Christina- I thought that would be the rules for the Base. I was kinda joking since Jim raised and entered chickens in the county fair when he was young. He knows all about raising them. In your circumstances, it's best to pick out the do-ables from the list. Love hearing from you. Happy Birthday.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great list there. We keep most of those items handy down here in Hurricane Alley. Well...not the chickens. ;)

Barbara said...

Angie- Great!! Is there anything else you do that we need to know?

Pat's Place said...

Interesting! I have been thinking along the same lines myself. Great list!

Joanne said...

At least one cell phone, more if possible, always charged. It seems that today, it's best to always have a cell on you when you leave the house.

Barbara said...

Pat- Great minds think alike.

Barbara said...

Joanne- I had not thought of cell phones. Good idea. I'll take that to heart.

Terri Tiffany said...

I won't get a wheat grinder-- has gluten! LOL But we do try to stock up for hurricanes and live modestly. Chickens? I think I'll eat veggies!:)

Barbara said...

Terri- I'm glad you're already doing most of these things.

Melody said...

I think your list is great, and I have been thinking of saving money too. But I also have this other thought lurking in my brain. If the people who don't have debt stop spending their money, that's one sure way to stall the economy.

Sigh. I'm really torn between buying soup and trying to butter up the great financial wheels of this country.

Melody Platz

Barbara said...

Melody- I sure hear what you're saying. I've had those same thoughts myself. I think it's just that we need to start saving more than we spend. Debt and overspending on luxuries has become our Achille's Heel.

We heard after 9/11 that we should all keep spending (and I certainly did my share), but that only helped for a while. I think now it's time to start putting those dollars away for a stormy day. Buy what you need and pay yourself the rest.

I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks a million.

Brenda's Blog said...

Thank you, Barbara, for leaving a comment on my blog (Brenda's Blog). I took your suggestion and am now enjoying searching through your blog. You have a lot of good stuff!!
God bless,

Barbara said...

Brenda- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the content of my blog. Come back soon!