Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Adventures of Snip in Oregon: A Review

"The Adventures of Snip in Oregon"
Written by- Betty S. Moir
Illustrated by- Yumi V. Vong
Ages 9-10

Today I'm reviewing the children's book, The Adventures of Snip in Oregon, by Betty S. Moir and illustrated by Yumi V. Vong.

This beautifully illustrated book, tells a sweet story of a loving family and their dog, Snip-- a big, black, shaggy cross between a poodle, malamute, and husky.

As a person who loves and has owned many wonderful dogs, I could hardly wait to read and share this story with my grandchildren. One quiet evening I sat down with my granddaughter and we opened the book. She enjoyed the story and mentioned how much she liked the color illustrations and family pictures. She said she could relate them to her own experiences with her pets; they made the characters come alive for her.

Every chapter of the book teaches us about the enjoyment, friendship, companionship, protection, and the memories dogs bring to our lives. Our furry friends are not only pets, but in reality they are important members of our family.

My granddaughter and I especially liked the chapters, "Snips Has A Night Visitor" and "Snip Rescues Jim."

(Thank you to Betty S. Moir for sending me a review copy.)


Anonymous said...

when i publish a childrens book, will you review it? :-)
This book sounds cute! I love all books about animals.

Barbara said...

Nancy- Sure will!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

oh! That would be a great book for my stepgrandson(well, he's an infant-maybe later) and my "not yet born granddaughter" *smiling*

it sounds charming!

Barbara said...

Kathryn- I imagine you are going to do lots of reading to those grandchildren in the years to come. And will they also be writers like their grandmother?

Shiloh said...

Grandma, I had a really fun time reading this book with you! It was nice spending the day with you and reading books. Love Shiloh :)

Barbara said...

Shiloh- I had fun with you too and we'll do it again real soon.