Monday, June 29, 2009

In My Heart: A Review

In My Heart
Author: Ursula Hanks
108 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Publisher's Release:
This story is based on factual events and is the piece of the author's memoir that captures the preponderance of her life's journey. The events impacted by her aging parents' challenges prompted reviewing her memories of the family's epic history, including their immigration to the United States. In the process, she dared the truth by looking at what really was in "her heart". The story weaves in an out of more recent, heartrending events such as the loss of her beloved father and her mother's progressive dementia, as they elicit memories about World War II events, the family's refugee experience, and "coming to America". Sprinkled throughout the story, she describes the personal pain of a failed marriage, the loss of a son, and a failed career. Outweighing life's painful moments, the delights of her rich and joyful family life are her fortress. The self-discovery of the kind of soul-searching it takes in order to move on in life resonates unmistakably.

My Review:
In her profoundly insightful and compelling book, Ms. Hanks, shares her somewhat tragic and deeply personal story. It is an inspiring family history that will touch the hearts of all who read it.

(Thank you to Ms. Hanks for my review copy.)


Pat's Place said...

I a little down in the dumps. Can you recommend a real fun read that will cause me to laugh, chuckle or giggle a bit?

Barbara said...

Pat- I have read so many books, so I guess it depends on what's causing you to feel down in the dumps. If I knew your needs then I could perhaps recommend something that's just right. So email me if you wish to talk.

Have you read the "Potluck Club" series? (By authors Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson)

Or the "Yadaya Prayer Group" series by Neta Jackson?

I'm glad you ask the question. I'll post a question on this tomorrow.

Barbara said...

***It's the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Sorry about the mistake.