Friday, April 18, 2008

The Serenity Room / The Beginning

Hello Friends....

Well, I've decided to enter the world of "blogs" and would like to invite you into my "Serenity Room" (I'll tell you all about it later). I want to share with you the joy I've found there. It will be a journey we take together and I hope you fine a sense of peace here as we explore the beauty of life and living.

Last year as I created my summer garden I found a way to unwind and listen to the world in a new way. I found peace among the plants, birds and wildlife. Each day as I sat in the shade of the afternoon, I began to enjoy my own company. At the age of sixty-three I had come to a place in my life where quiet surroundings were important. I needed a place to relax and to think my own thoughts. I needed a place to find creativity and find myself. I had taken vacations and even though I visited many lovely spots none seemed as precious and special as my little backyard garden.

All summer I added beautiful items to the garden and only those things that gave me peace and inspiration. I even added "soft" music through a CD player that I hid among the plants. Music played continually throughout the day, so that whenever I entered the garden I would instantly hear it.

Summer ended too soon and my little garden faded away as the weather changed and the leaves fell from the trees. It was a sad time for me as my sanctuary gradually disappeared. I would have to wait another eight months before it could be restored.

Several months passed before I realized that I had another potential sanctuary within my own home. Our guest room was the perfect place to create a sacred space where I (or anyone) could enter and find solitude and peace; a quiet place. That's how my "Serenity Room" was created.

Tomorrow I will begin to share my experiences with you. I invite all of you to share your stories with me.


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! I will be stopping by for some peace and quiet!

Anonymous said...

Hi mom. Looks nice. We've been busy today cleaning--very little peace. But tonight when it's all finished, we'll be able to sit back and have a little serenity of our own. We should light some candles, turn the fireplace down, put on some jazz music and relax with a good book and glass of wine.

Love, Linda & Mike

Anonymous said...

This serene lady has been a friend of mine for a lifetime. Now, even though she lives across the continent, she is trying to help me find the peace I need in my life. I look forward to entering here often.

Cookie Ziemba said...


How very nice of you to help others attain serenity in their lives. Glad you liked my blog, I enjoyed yours too.

Cookie Ziemba