Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gentle Giant

Last summer I often sat in my garden alone in the evening listening to relaxing music and sipping southern sweet tea. This was my special treat as the sun slowly moved beyond the sunburned mountain and allowed the valley air to cool.

One evening as I sat in private solitude I noticed Tucker, our 22 lb. Siamese/Lynx Point cat, had come to sit at my feet. He seemed different...more serene. I spoke a gentle "hello" to him, stroked his soft, long fur and turned my attention back to a copy of Oprah Magazine. Fifteen minutes later I noticed Tucker had moved a short distance away from my chair. He was now lying under the small table on which the CD player had been placed. His eyes were closed, although, he was not sleeping. I knew, for a certainty, he was listening and enjoying the timeless beauty of Pachelbel's Canon. What an enchanting moment...witnessing our sensitive, furry giant sharing this extraordinary time with me. He and I shared many more amazing evenings as I began to appreciate the Spirit within him.

Tucker seems to understand and honor the indoor "Serenity Room" as well. Knowing he can't sleep on the bed, he positions himself in a quiet corner to listen and enjoy whatever classical arrangement is playing that particular day.

*I would love to hear your animal stories. Please leave them under "comments".*

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France


Linda Reznicek said...

Yep, I think beauty/serenity is a universal language to all animals--we're born needing it. I bet the cavemen needed it, too--there were probably many cavemen bringing their cavewomen pretty flowers for the cave--not that the cavemen would have cared--but there are other universal languages. LOL. I could tell you lots and lots of stories of my animal's preference for being clean and surrounded by pretty things--I'll limit it to two--our cat who used to prefer the neighbor's manicured yard and rose garden over our sloppy backyard of the time. He'd exit through the shrubs and spend all day every day in her backyard. She began to treat him like he was hers, but he always returned to us at night for dinner. And second, our horses, who always crowd into their clean stalls when we put fresh woodchips down. They roll around in them and have a great ol' time when things are clean and in order. You can see their eyes and body relax.

Vikki G said...

I found your blog and it is so very nice! The music is lovely and it is very encouraging and reassuring at the same time. I have so many...animal stories about my beloved Shadow our cat who just passed of cancer in March...but one of my favorite to tell is how he was absolutely sensitive soul~ You know I truly believe the Lord gives us these animals to love and be loved in return. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus and was very ill..unable to even stand or walk some days and my Shadow would sit beside and not leave my side. He would give me little massages...and I know this is hard to picture of a cat! My husband could not believe it the first time he saw this little creature put his paws on my back and proceed to give me a massage! He was wonderful company during these times of confinement ...keeping me company as I read or watched tv or simply slept. He will always be missed. Our family has lost a family member and dear friend~ vikki/Titus2Mom@blogspot.com