Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Letter Well Written

I recently received a greeting card from a childhood friend thanking me for our many years of friendship. How thoughtful and what a surprise! It made me feel loved, hugged and appreciated. It's not often someone will take time out of their busy schedule to pick out a special card and take the trouble of sending it.

Many years ago when I was much younger, I loved going to the bookstore where I could find boxes of gorgeous parchment stationary with matching envelops. There was an enormous selection to choose from in every color of the rainbow...some in solid pastel shades and some in pastel/floral. The delicate paper and matching envelops were such a delight to own and to write upon. Sending well-written letters was one of life's little pleasures back then.

The internet and email have changed our lives. We can rush off numerous messages with a click and although it has made us a more communicative society, it has also taken away much of the personal beauty of letter writing.

Today while shopping at the mall, I'm going to look for pretty stationary and I'll try to send more handwritten correspondences in the future. We can either rush through our day or slow down and tell beloved friends how much they mean to us.

Friends should never be taken for granted. They bring companionship, humor and acceptance to our lives; they share our interests and give us a sense of constancy. It's easy to lose sight of their special past contributions to us. So today, let's reach out in a lovely personal way to show how very much we cherish and honor them. Consider sending a letter well written.

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