Monday, April 28, 2008

Springtime In The Valley

I open the door to the Serenity Room. The lamplight is dimmed, the candles are lit and soft music floats like a mourning dove across the room. I sit down in the lime green wicker chair beside the bed and listen. The aroma of lavender penetrates the gentle stillness and my heartbeat immediately slows. As I slide my tired feet into pink satin bedroom slippers, I revisit this perfect day.

It has been a cold, wet winter, one that seemed to go on forever. But today the springtime sun warmed our magnificent little valley for the first time in months. Neighbors tended their flowering dogwoods and clipped fragrant golden daffodils for dining tables and bedrooms. Couples passed the garden gate, seemingly engrossed in the simple activity of walking hand in hand.

The dreamscape was awash today in emerald green, white, yellow and a variety of pink and purple, a picture of tranquility. I find myself imagining my own backyard garden and the treasures I will place within it this year. This week I must buy plants and clear the patio of windblown twigs and the few dried brown leaves left from last autumn. Soon family and friends will gather there for the parties and picnics I so enjoy.

I am at peace tonight, knowing that God is still in charge of His Creation. He is the Faithful Artist. His handiwork is Eternal.

"Nothing is more the child of art than a garden." -Sir Walter Scott

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