Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Dance

The "Serenity Room" is quiet. A CD of Beethoven plays softly in the background. The glow of fragrant candles light the room and the red and yellow carnations are still fresh in the brandy snifter beside the bed. It's Sunday morning and the anticipation of relaxation and contemplation excites my spirit. I will come into this room many times today. I will come here to write or to catch up on my reading or listen to the genius of Beethoven.

From the beginning I was determined to keep the mood of the "Serenity Room" introspective and gentle; always inviting the Divine to dwell there. Delightfully, my intentions have been honored by both family and guests.

In this latter stage of my life, my primary aim has been to experience a state of joy and grace and to nurture the inherent identity which resonates deep within my soul. I'm beginning to find it. In addition, I find it easier to relish each moment for it's beauty, meaning and importance.

I am dancing my dance. I am hearing my unique life-song. Come along and dance, too. It will not be the same dance or the same song. We'll just enjoy the moment together.

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