Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lavender Dreams

Every woman needs a room of her own, especially when she arrives at mid-life. Men seem to find this space earlier in the form of an office or workshop or perhaps the fishing bank. My husband once commented after a day of fishing that he found being out in nature was a spiritual experience for him. He could sense the Creator in the beauty around him. I'm sure many men and women have experienced the same feeling and it's not uncommon to find a state of peace while gardening. As I have mentioned before, I created a space in my backyard garden, where this same peaceful state of mind could easily exist; where the Spirit could be nourished.

As fall and winter settled in on us I searched for the same "healing place" I had found in my summer garden. I decided in December to turn our guest room into the "Serenity Room". It would be a place to pray and meditate, read, write, listen to music and dance if I felt like it. The room was perfect with it's pale lavender walls and cream colored carpet. Now all it needed was the right accessories. I wanted each picture, vase, pillow, chair, candle, quilt and figurine to have special meaning; evoking positive attitudes and tranquility.

Robert Brault once said, "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Small things make up the content of my quiet room. Joy is found in soft music, beloved books, candlelight, letters well written, soft pastels, fluffy pillows and the down comforter.

Whether, inside or out-of-doors, give yourself permission to relax and rest in a space of your own. The opportunity to be alone for a few moments is priceless. Listen to your favorite music, have lunch on the patio-- served up on your favorite china and crystal, take a nap in the afternoon (delicious), daydream, read poetry, write in your journal, pray, dance.

Treat yourself as you would a welcomed guest. Enjoy!
Copyright 2008 By-Barbara Davis


Mary Jo said...

Dear Carol,
To enter your space does, indeed, feel like moving into a sacred place. This posting, "Lavender Dreams," provides such a beautiful overview of what a serenity room could be. I savored each word and felt you'd given me a lovely gift this morning.
Thank you for creating this place.
Mary Jo Doig

Mary Jo said...

I've been working at editing stories this morning and do apologize for using the wrong name in my previous post.
You are Barbara and have created a beautiful place.
Again, thank you.
Mary Jo Doig

Anonymous said...


You are a wonderful writer. very pleasant to read. I enjoy and appreciate what you are doing with this blog. Keep it up.

Mike Reznicek

Barbara Davis said...

This was originally posted here in April, but I decided to bring it back today for a rerun. It is one of my favorite personal writings. I hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful posting today. your words inspire me...and make me feel peaceful.


Poetic Painter said...

I randomly came across your blog...just wanted to say "hi" and let you know I really enjoyed reading over your writings.