Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Visit

Our oldest daughter Lori and her husband Joe, came for an overnight visit yesterday afternoon. Jim and I bought a 20 inch strip of beef tenderloin at Costco and cut it into nice size steaks (we got about 18 steaks out of the whole thing); Joe BBQ'd six of them on our outdoor gas grill--delicious!! I baked whole potatoes in my new oven and made a green garden salad to go along with the tender steaks. After dinner we played one of our favorite card games, Spades, for over three hours, until Joe and Jim finally won as a team. While playing cards, we recorded the Big Brother reality show, and watched it at 9:00 PM. This morning we're having a big breakfast of bacon and eggs before they start back on their two hour trip home. It's been so much fun having them here with us....and Riley ("our little boy in a dog suit") schnauzer, loved being with his best buddy, Peyton (their cute female puggle). Hope they'll come back soon!!

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