Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Favorite Southern Comfort Foods

Here's a list of my favorite Southern comfort food:
1. Banana pudding
2. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes w/country gravy.
3. Turnip greens
4. Cornbread
5. Cornbread and "sweet milk" (meaning whole milk)
6. Catfish and Hush puppies
7. Green beans cooked with ham or bacon drippings
8. Chicken and dumplings
9. Fried okra
10. Biscuits and country gravy
11. Grits w/sugar and butter
12. Pinto beans
13. Tennessee Stack Cake
14. Pickled beets
15. Pecan pie
16. Sweet potato pie
17. Tennessee sweet tea
18. Cornbread dressing
19. Vine-ripened watermelon!!
20. Watermelon pickles
21. Just about anything fried!!

This list makes me hungry and homesick!!!!!!! I need a trip to Cracker Barrel....


Patty H. said...

That's a good list of food!
Making me hungry, too.

Willa Fae said...

Come back to Tennessee and we'll go to Cracker Barrel and Golden Girls.......

Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

Willa Fae- I'm going to get to Tennessee next summer for the York family reunion, so you and I will go out to eat. Get ready!!

Barbara J. Kirby Davis said...

Patty-I bet you'll have some good food at your reunion!

marilyn said...

Next year we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary o our family reunion. My cousin is putting together a family cookbook. I'm sending her recipes for banana pudding and cornbread dressing to represent my husband. Those are two dishes this yankee had never heard of until I married.