Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Seeker

Yesterday, Becka and I drove to our favorite riverside park to go for our daily bicycle ride. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a lady sitting alone in the shade of a big pine tree. She sat on the thick, green grass, looking out over the gently flowing river, where a dozen sea gulls swam with the current. Her head was erect, her back straight, yet relaxed, hands resting on her knees, palms up-- she seemed to be meditating in the lotus pose, as in yoga. She would take a bite of food and go back into the position--easily, yet deliberate.

We took our bikes, carefully, off the bike rack which is attached to the back of Becka's car, checked our gears, brakes, and tires and rode off on our two mile, evening ride, along the paved path. It being Saturday, we passed more bikers, walkers, joggers and family outings than we find on weekdays, but the park is rather large, so there was plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the scenic beauty of our valley's green belt.

As we arrived back at our starting point, the "yoga lady" was now standing beside her car, reading--looking out at the river, occasionally; appearing to memorize an important passage or contemplate the book's profound message. As I, casually, watched from a distance, she began to walk, again, toward the pine tree--still in deep thought. This serene woman was the essence of the peace and tranquility we all seek. She chose to come out of her busy world to relax, read, meditate and perhaps pray, alone. We left her there, still enjoying the solitude of the riverside and reminding me of the promise I've made to myself--to find more quiet time for emotional and spiritual growth.

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