Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Winner

I spent two hours, yesterday, shopping for a couple of cute sun-dresses and then, last night, went out to dinner at the casino with husband, Jim. We enjoy going there for their all-you-can- eat King Crab Legs and are they ever good!! After I finished my meal, I had my usual $20.00 that I could gamble with, so went into the casino to play my favorite slot machine game, "Deal or No Deal". Just when I thought I was going to lose my $20.00, I hit a 10.00 jackpot and then went on to win more jackpots and finally walked away with $40.00 profit. Our dinner plus tip came to $39.00, so the dinner ended up, basically, being free.

I've found the secret to walking away a winner, at slots, is knowing when to stop and go home; last evening I did that. Jim doesn't gamble, so he also walked away a "happy winner". Our 4th of July was great fun. I hope and trust that yours was, too.

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Anonymous said...

Never did we think meeting all those year's ago that we'd still be kicking and friends at this age. With all it's ups and downs, life wouldn't be the same without 'forever' friends. Love ya! WF