Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Purpose

What is PURPOSE? What is my PURPOSE in life? What is your PURPOSE in life?
I've heard many people say they have never found their purpose in life or have never found what they were "meant" to do.... "Why was I created?" They list great things others have accomplished. They admire or envy teachers, doctors, ministers, artists, singers, influential writers, actors and actresses. They never stop to consider the contributions they, themselves, make on a daily basis. Could it just be... we all live our Special Purpose, moment by moment, everyday of our lives? The very next choice I make could influence the course of events in my life and/or the life of someone else, as it becomes "the domino effect". Nothing we do in life is lost or meaningless. We neglect to see the small mundane decisions, added together, that become OUR PURPOSE.

Copyright 2008 By-Barbara J. Kirby Davis

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