Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secret Hideaway

There's a magical spot in the back corner of our property, that I had forgotten was there, until I was walking, Riley, my mini-schnauzer, last week. I had spent many days there--several summers ago--looking out onto our fruit orchard, as I escaped the heat of July and August. I called it "the arbor" back then.

The tops of a cherry plum tree and two apple trees have come together to form a well shaded, cavern-like, ten by ten foot, enclosure; the entrance is almost my height. Grapes, on overgrown vines, hang from the trees like a "garden on Eden" painting. The fragrance of ripened fruit permeates the air. This place is so isolated, that no one would know I was sitting here, unless, they were looking, keenly, in my direction.

Excited, about rediscovering this secret hideaway, I entered with a sense of renewed awe and reverence. As I looked above me, I could see that neither, rain nor wind, could hardly penetrate this lush little paradise, although, it was obliviously getting enough morning light to retain it's emerald green carpet, atop the moist, ebony earth.

Back, behind the house, I found two dark green Adirondack chairs, which would form the perfect "sitting room" underneath my beloved "arbor". With pen and notebook, in hand, and Riley at my feet, I am exhilarated with the prospect of reading and writing in the solitude and comfort of this cool, enchanted, tiny chapel in the trees.
Copyright 2008 By-Barbara J. Kirby Davis

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Pat's Place said...

Sounds like a "heavenly" little chapel in the woods. Enjoy! A beatutiful description--I could almost enjoy being there with you!