Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Paradise

Yesterday, at lunchtime, I enjoyed my creamy peanut butter and banana sandwich under the wonderful protection of our two ancient walnut trees in the backyard. Temperatures are now close to 90 degrees, but it's at least 10 degrees cooler there under their enormous umbrella.

The magnificent old walnuts, where two or three families of squirrels make their year-around home, stand next to three filbert trees that are covered in abundance with small sweet nuts. As I sat eating, I watched in awe, as a single brown squirrel worked in a hurried frenzy, running up and down the branches, gathering, breaking open the shells and stuffing the nutritious inner portion into it's fat little cheeks. It seemed to know every inch of the filbert trees by heart and was a master at hanging by it's two hind feet while dangling from the thin, delicate limbs to retrieve it's food. What amazing acrobatics it performed--carefree and completely in touch with it's environment.

Our yard and our adjoining fruit orchard, offer a rich palette of fragrant fruit this time of year and throughout autumn--Bing, Lambert, and Royal Anne cherries, apricots, Italian plums, Cherry plums, Concord grapes, peaches, pears, both red and yellow apples, boysenberries, gooseberries, raspberries, walnuts and filberts.

On most days, if I sit quietly, I can hear the call of a mourning dove or watch a procession of mountain quail, cautiously, walking across the yard; on rare occasions a brilliantly feathered "cock" pheasant will pass through. The property is a virtual paradise in summer and early fall.

It is deliciously peaceful here. These intimate, sacred moments give nourishment to my soul and free my mind to think about the spiritual. I am thankful for a few minutes alone with my peanut butter sandwich and my thoughts.
Copyright 2008 By-Barbara J. Kirby Davis

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Patty H. said...

sounds like a nice, peaceful place.
Patty H.