Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Favorite Books

Please take note of the cute little bookshelves I have added to my blog. They contain books that I have read and recommend. If you place your arrow on the book you are interested in, a window will open. If you are interested in a particular book, click on the buy it from Amazon button. This will take you to Amazon's website where you will be given lots of info about the book, reviews, the price, a shopping cart and checkout key. It's fun and easy. Happy reading!!

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marilyn said...

We share a love of books, Barbara. I have read 14 of the books on your shelf.
One that looks interesting to me is "A Space of Her Own: Women's Personal Spaces".

Several years ago we visited the home of writer Pearl S. Buck. It's in Pennsylvania near where my mother lived. I fell in love with her personal space.
The master bedroom was a very large room witn the rope bed in the middle. One side of the room was her husband's, pretty non-descript. The other side was Pearl's. While quite large, it was made into a cozy sitting area with low, white painted bookshelves that lined the walls under the windows. Two pink chintz covered chairs and an ottoman completed the picture. Just the right spot to sit and relax and get away from the children; (she adopted several).