Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Books For The Soul

I've been thinking of some books that have helped me grow spiritually over my lifetime and would like to share 12 of them in this listing:

1. The Bible (I like the New Living Translation; I have about a dozen other translations, but I like this one best. It's very easy reading.)

2. Meditations on the Life of Christ - by Thomas a Kempis

3. The Pursuit of God - by A.W. Tozer

4. The Knowledge of the Holy - by A.W. Tozer

5. Mere Christianity - by C.S. Lewis

6. The Pursuit of Holiness - by Jerry Bridges

7. Through Gates of Splendor - by Elizabeth Eliot

8. Thoughts In Solitude - by Thomas Merton

9. Closer To The Light - by Melvin Morse and Paul Perry (I loved this book!)

10. In Pursuit of Peace - by Joyce Meyer

11. Get Out of the Pit - by Beth Moore

12. God's Pursuit of Man - by A.W. Tozer

(There are others, but too many to list today. From time to time, I'll list more. I would love to hear some of your suggestions, too. Please leave them in my "comments.")

Today I think I'll make a trip to the Christian Gift Center here in town. I love to browse there and ALWAYS come home with just the right thing, for my spiritual growth.

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