Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SureWoman.com: Celebrating Women, Celebrating Spirit

I was surfing the internet this morning and stumbled upon this wonderful women's website. SureWoman.com: Celebrating Women, Celebrating Spirit. I think it's one you will enjoy and refer back to many times...I know I will. Click on the link and take a look around. There's lots of terrific articles and suggestions. Enjoy!


Wade, Janalyn, & Wookie said...

I'm glad that you found my site. Nice looking family. The guy at the bottom is a real looker!!! I grew up with a dog (muffin) as one of my siblings and now our little guy is like our child. A family isn't complete without a dog, at least that is how we feel. Thanks fro sharing your family with me!!!

dawn said...

Hi Barbara
thank you for posting about my website, www.surewoman.com...i found yours by accident while surfing for an article I couldn't find...I will peruse the serenity room as we can all use a little quite time...thanks again...and come visit often...Dawn