Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why I Write

Why write? Someone has said that a writer is someone who writes--as simple as that. Well, that describes me very well. I have written, one thing or another, most of my life. Whether it was love notes (as a little girl), prayers, journals, poems, fiction, or articles for my high school newspaper, I have always felt compelled to write.

What should I write? As the only writer of this blog, I am constantly asking myself that question. What do my readers enjoy reading? One reader may enjoy reading about the everyday musings of the writer, another may enjoy poetry, and another may have a need for spiritual inspiration. So, as a writer, I show up at my desk everyday, usually not knowing what I'm going to write until I start jotting down random ideas onto paper--it's then that a theme starts to unfold and words begin to flow. Sometimes the blog entries are good and sometimes they aren't. But that's the nature of the muse.

My goal in writing, is to create magic between myself and my reader, to make a connection in some profound way. We know it when we read it-- somehow we feel that we've found a kindred spirit. I, continually, search my life experience for the stories, poems and words which may provide a personal link.

Blogging is a wonderful way to practice my writing while building a relationship with my readers. I'll continue "coming to work each day"....awaiting the muse to provide some magic.
Copyright 2008 By-Barbara J. Kirby Davis


Patty H. said...

I enjoy reading your writings. I used to write poems and such yrs ago, when life was not so complicated and all the hurts and such of adulthood werent' there crowded out my thoughts.
Patty H.

Barbara Davis said...

Patty-I find that writing helps me sort out my life (especially in my private journals). It helps me put things into perspective. I am so happy to have you as one of my readers and I love your comments.