Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bike

A few entries ago, I mentioned some things I wanted to do in the near future. Last evening, I accomplished one of them....I think, anyway.

Digging my old bike out of "mothballs" was not as easy as I thought it might be. Once I rolled it out into the light, from a dark cobwebbed corner of the garage, I noticed it had some major wiring issues. Not being mechanical by nature, I called Jim to take a look. He decided there was just too much work to be done, so he, Becka (our youngest daughter, who was visiting), and I jumped into our old blue truck (Jim keeps it for trips like this) and headed for Walmart.

The store had a lot of bikes to choose from; blue, orange, purple, white, red, 24 inch, 26 inch. My head started to spin a bit, but I eventually settled on a blue women's 26 inch. Yes, it was just right...PRETTY.

Even though I had some concerns about how a biking helmet was going to look on me, Becka and I each needed one, so those were added to the purchase. There is no way to describe how funny she and I looked when we put those bike helmets on our heads. They still had the tags hanging from them, as we tried to adjust the chin strap and found we had them on backwards.....we laughed until we cried, as we looked at each other.

The helmets were not the worst of it, though. Back at home my shiny bike seemed too big for me and I knew I was going to kill myself if I continued to ride much for just looking at it's beauty. Back to Walmart we went and I must say that Jim was not a "happy camper". On the way back to the store he even suggested I might want a three wheeler!!!!!!! At the store, the three of us finally decided, once and for all, on a nice purple ladies bike which was far more comfortable and safer for me to ride.

Now, I hope I haven't "bitten off more than I can chew" and end up maiming myself. I'll continue to keep you posted about my senior biking adventures.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I'd end up on the bad end of a biking experience! Have fun and Happy Trails!


Barbara J. Davis said...

I'm going to write about the experience later. I was the shakiest biker you've ever seen. Thought I was going to get killed a couple of times!