Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grandma's Purple Bike

Becka and I went on another one of our adventurous bike rides this evening and I feel that I'm getting stronger and more steady with every outing.

The weather was perfect for the two block ride from my house to hers. I know that a couple of blocks doesn't sound like much, but for a 64 year old grandma, that's a lot of peddling; huffing and puffing all the way!

It wasn't that long ago that I took that first excursion around the block, after many years of not being on a bicycle. They say you never forget how to ride, but believe me, it was frightening and exhausting. Still, I'm glad I got on and gave it my best try. Every ride gets easier and more fun and I look forward to many more summer evenings, riding my purple bike.


marilyn said...

You go, girl! I'm 50 and gave up bike riding years ago. Mostly 'cause traffic just scares me.
I need to do something. I gave up a very physical job and exercising this past December, now I'm reaping the consequence of a hefty weight gain.


Barbara Davis said...

Traffic scares me, too. I try to ride the back roads and I pull over and stop every time a car is passing. I'm not confident enough, at this point, to encounter them. I love the rides, though.