Monday, July 7, 2008

Evening Bike Ride

Becka and I took our bikes out again this evening for a short ride. I dreaded it all day, after the ordeal we went through yesterday, but knew that I had to get back on that bike or Jim would never let me live it down. I also did it for my own satisfaction, stubbornness and the long-term health benefits I hope I will eventually reap.

This evening we decided to push the bikes uphill and bike only on the level areas until we feel our legs and bodies growing more powerful. It worked out well and we were not as exhausted when we returned home. Much to our surprise, our confidence had already increased and we felt a little stronger.

Memories of long ago came back to me as I felt the cool wind through my hair and on my face as the bike coasted along....a very nice return to that special sensation of youthful freedom.

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